I am an aspiring Personal & Professional Development Coach.  When you embark on a new career, there are so many decisions to make and tasks to complete.
I found that I needed support while going through this process, to help me stay on track while at the same time managing the other roles in life.
Paul has helped me through the ups and downs of starting a new business.  I recently experienced a road block in reaching my goal.  He supported me in moving
beyond that block. Paul is very observant and assists with personal discovery that gets your creative energy flowing and he nudges when you need it.
Thank you so much Paul for helping me to shed new light on my career path and challenging me to take action. I will always be grateful!

—Karen Wise

“Mini Miracles”, that’s what I call them.  I’ve been blessed to have had many coaching sessions with Paul, and every one of them has had a surprise ending. I have uncovered plans and discovered solutions that I didn’t realize were options. The beauty of these divinely composed plans and resolutions are manifest in the rewarding and even life changing results that grow out of them.   During one particular session, I was trying to deal with a lot of anger and resentment toward a particular individual who owed me a large sum of money.  This individual hadn’t felt like working for about a year and was also living in my house for free .To be honest, I was quite put out by this young man. When I brought this problem to Paul, I could not visualize any solution short of a nasty conflict, which I was bracing myself for. During the coaching session, I was able to tap into areas of consideration deeper than the financial matter on the surface. This allowed me to view this situation from a totally different vantage point which then enabled me to touch some areas in each of our lives that helped me see things beneficial to both of us. Change your perspective, change your outcome. When Paul asked me, “how do you think God would look at this young man?” I melted. I was convicted of many of my own shortcomings and able to identify with the young man’s feelings. Long story short, we were first able to communicate, and then able to work out a plan of reconciliation. Today, this individual is paying the money back because he desires to. More importantly, we have developed a genuine and healthy relationship that we both value.
In a thousand years, I couldn’t have gotten to this place of forgiveness, reconciliation and friendship on my own.  The amazing thing about the coaching process is that it is unique in that, all the solutions originate within us. Consequently we own our own solutions. Hopefully, we are hearing God’s plan for us, in which case we know it’s the right plan. In any event, it is a much more powerful and meaningful way to problem solve, than having someone tell you what to do, or how to do it.
I’ve often been told that we need a different level of thinking to resolve a problem that our current way of thinking has gotten us into.  Coaching is a way to access that new level of thinking that will set yus free. I recommend coaching highly and for everyone. In my 64 years on this planet, this is the most creative and effective solution finding tool that I have ever encountered. Paul is a great coach. He’s not the least bit judgmental, he is patient, and allows lots of time for you to think through and dig things up that is already part of who you really are. He is a great listener; he often takes notes so that he can reflect back to us what he objectively hears us say.  This, I find, helps me clarify my own thoughts. He never lectures or discusses what he thinks; it’s always about the person being coached. For me it’s like having a mental massage. Often, freedom is often only a coaching session away.”

Tom Decker

Having a personal coach for both my personal life and my ministry has helped me set and achieve goals that were once only just thoughts.  One of those goals was to lose weight and I am so pleased to having almost achieved that goal, which I don’t believe I would ever have done without the help of my life coach, Paul Hackett.

Pastor Barry Risto ~ Lead Pastor / Cornerstone Church, Winchendon.

“We are supposed to be living this life in God’s abundance and Joy.  But how do we do that?  Well there isn’t just one answer to this question… it is different for all of us.
Getting a life coach has been a real answer to prayer and to this massive life question for me!  It is a process of gently uncovering all that is already inside me that God can, has- and will use!  Thanks Paul…What a tremendous blessing this has been!!!”

“I was in the midst of a huge battle.  I was frustrated, angry and had no clue why this was going on or what I was supposed to be learning from or do about it. I realized I could sit and stew over it or I could get up and figure it out.  I knew I needed help.  That is when I emailed Paul!  What an incredible blessing and true answer to prayer this has been for me.  Uncovering truth and those things God is guiding me through and too.  It is a difficult, encouraging, life-changing process….I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this process to anyone who wants to live a joyful, fruitful, fulfilling life! Don’t walk…RUN to a great life coach!~ Thanks Paul!”

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