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What a Coaching Relationship Looks Like

We’ll spend some time looking at some of your strengths, passions, values etc., then focus in on the growth objective one area you want to pursue first. In each session we’ll develop a set of action steps you choose that will keep you moving forward toward that goal. The coaching relationship provides a regular support structure with encouragement and accountability to keep you focused and on track with your important objectives.

Coaching Investment Packages

Depending on your need you can choose one of the packages below.  I offer a 25% discount for full-time ministry workers.  Each of these packages start with a 90 day commitment as I’ve found that this is generally what it will take to get the full value from your coaching experience.

Before your first session I’ll send you a contract that includes all of the details for your specific package so we have it all in writing.


Silver Package

If you have a specific goal or minor change that you would like to make this package will be great for you.  You will get a free initial assessment.

  • 6 – 45 minute coaching sessions over 90 days
  • Free e-mail correspondence between sessions


Gold Package

This package will help you focus on what your values are so you can align your goals and actions to what is truly important to you.

  • Values based assessment
  • Specific exercises customized towards helping you reach your goals
  • 9 – 45 minute coaching sessions over 90 days
  • Free quick calls (5 minutes or less) and e-mail between sessions


Platinum Package

This package is for the person who really wants to discover who you are and move forward with those goals that will align with your personality and values.

Your package will include a Winslow Bible Based Report which…

  • is prepared from the results of the Winslow Dynamics Profile, a validated personality assessment.
  • measures the 24 personality characteristics related to career success and personal contentment.
  • is internet based, user-friendly, and enables you to complete the Profile at your location and convenience.
  • takes around one hour to complete, and your results are available on the internet shortly after the assessment is complete.
  • results are used to create a report that presents objective information on your personality, behavior and attitudes.

With this information before you, you can capitalize on your personality assets, modify your personality, and control your behavior. The results will help you achieve success in your career and contentment in your personal lifestyle. In addition to personal development, this Report can be used for personal coaching, pre-marital preparation, to enhance marriage and family relations, as well as for a host of other applications.

  • 9 – 45 minute coaching sessions over 90 days
  • Free spot calls and e-mail between sessions


You can also choose from one of my customized coaching programs:

  • Developing Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Time Management
  • Life Balance
  • Personal Financial Budgeting


Or you can choose to work on whatever is most important to you.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.